An idea I (Nathan) had as a kid, I decided to make it and it was fun. 

Disclosure: The html browser is not the original submitted for the gamejam, it is an updated, improved version, to play that one, download the gamejamprototype below, thats the original version


WASD to move,                                          

use the mouse to look around and aim, go near a shelf to grab the items off of that shelf, 

press the R or P key with the eggs selected to eat eggs and restore health,                            left click to use an item, You can press C to spawn in melons if melons aren't selected in your weapon wheel, or you can spawn them in normally with left click given they're selected. Right click to teleport, scroll mouse wheel to cycle through your items, or press Numbers on the keyboard to select a weapon as well. 

Backstory:  The end of the world has come. You are in a grocery store getting supplies for your family. You must duke it out with other shoppers and survive as long as possible. Shelves are being wheeled at you by crazy people, but fortunately you can use that to your advantage and grab things off of them and hide behind them. Also you can teleport because reasons. 

Weapons Guide:  Eggs function as a standard bullet, but can be eaten for health as well. What a tradeoff! Seeds can be fired rapidly at enemies and bounce off of shelves.   Syrup slows enemies down and butter speeds you up! Be careful though, you can fall victim to your own syrup, and enemies can take advantage of butter. Also no, you can't teleport out of syrup, nice try ;) melons serve as protection, place them strategically to block enemy fire,  soda grenades clear an area if you're cornered, but they're a last resort,  the garlic bread can be used to smack enemies and deflect enemy fire, but you don't like the smell of garlic, so it subtracts your health slowly, the bananarang slices through enemies and always returns to you, plus you can call it back by doing a left click even if it hasn't reached it's destination yet,  and the bologna can be used to temporarily blind enemies that fire, rendering them unable to shoot. 

Probably will make a steam release with more content later. 

Developed By Nathan and Kevin Bryant Copyright SecretsnowconepeopleLLC 2021


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Cool game man! It’s cool to see another game about a grocery store as well